Nutella Buttercream


his is truly the perfect Nutella buttercream…and the easiest recipe you will ever make! It is so simple, you might just make it to eat by the spoonful. We created this buttercream for our brownies, but it has ended up topping just about every dessert to come out of our kitchen at one time or another. After all, what doesn’t Nutella make better?

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Caramel Apple Dip

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ometimes in baking, as in life, our biggest mistakes open the door to our greatest accomplishments. This recipe is proof we can turn our blunders into the most delicious lessons. Every Christmas we make candy for family and friends. Homemade caramel is always one of the most popular items in the box of treats. The trick with caramel is cooking the mixture to softball stage without overcooking and creating hard caramels. One year as the caramels were cooling I quickly realized the mixture was getting way too firm. Rather than paying for the dental work of all of our friends, I decided to scrap the batch. As I went to throw it out I noticed the large bowl of apples on my kitchen table. I decided I would make a dip with the caramel. This would appease my frugal inner self and entice the kids to eat the bowl of apples they had been ignoring all week during our candy making. I added cream cheese and sour cream to the still warm caramel and the result was so good it is hard to describe. This dip is so creamy and buttery it is addictive. We serve trays of sliced green apples with this caramel at almost every party and event held at our house. This dip has gone from the backup plan for hard caramels to a prized recipe requested all year long. Try this recipe…you won’t be disappointed. Here is hoping that all of our kitchen fails, turn into the sweetest of mistakes!

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