Orange Rolls

Orange rolls are one of life’s simple pleasures. If you have never had one, you’re in for a treat! These rolls look and act like cinnamon rolls but taste like fresh squeezed orange juice. It is hard to explain the way zesty orange flavor enhances this buttery sweet dough but it is truly an addicting combination.

Every time I am making sweet rolls half of my family wants cinnamon and the other half wants orange rolls. I always end up making a batch of each to satisfy everyone in the house. As much as I would like the ease of only making one batch, I understand the dilemma. Trying to pick between cinnamon and orange rolls is an impossible decision. It is like trying to decide between chocolate and vanilla. Both are incredible flavors, and each make different but equally delectable desserts. So, don’t pick a favorite…choose to love them both.

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Sour Cream Cinnamon Rolls

Nothing is quite like fresh baked cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. Over the years our simple Christmas continental breakfast has begun to look more like an all you can eat brunch buffet but it all began with the sweet aromatic smell of cinnamon rolls baking while waiting to see what Santa left by the tree. After the kids got a quick peak at what Santa had left them they would head to the kitchen for a gooey cinnamon roll before the games and playing could begin.

The addition of sour cream into the dough with heavy cream poured on top take these cinnamon rolls from good to by far the softest gooiest rolls you will ever sink your teeth into. I don’t know what it is about sour cream that makes me think I need to add it to every recipe…but the experiment certainly paid off here.

Try these rolls just once and you will soon see why they become the must have family favorite. The next best thing to how these rolls taste, is the fact that they can be made ahead. Make the dough, roll out the spirals and then refrigerate overnight or freeze until ready to use. This makes homemade cinnamon rolls a luxury you don’t have to plan ahead to enjoy…

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Berry Cream Cheese Dessert

berry dessert slice

This dessert was created for our annual Fourth of July backyard BBQ. The berries on cream cheese create the perfect red, white, and blue color palette. This dessert has become so popular at our house that we no longer call it our Fourth of July dessert, it is now our go-to,  every chance we get dessert.  With its sugar cookie crust, cream cheese filling, and mounds of fresh berries you will soon see why we have such an addiction…


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Carrot Pretzel Rods

With the decision to close public schools, students have had to get creative with their online schooling. My favorite class, Early Childhood Education, gave the project to create a lesson plan with an activity that could be used to teach children. My mind instantly went to baking with my mom and the millions of questions I would ask.  I loved learning what all of the ingredients do and how they react together. Baking is basically a big science experiment with a delicious outcome! I then chose to create a science-related lesson about the physical changes that occur when you melt chocolate. The second part of the project was to actually do the lesson with some of your family, so my sister and I got to work dipping pretzel rods into the melted chocolate. When I say that these treats can truly be done by anyone, I mean it! These fun spring treats are adorable, delicious and such a fun quarantine activity for the whole family!

   – Maddie ( First post without Mom ♥)

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Mint Brownie Christmas Trees

christmas tree flatlay


rom sugar cookies to brownies, my daughter Kennedy has a theory that baked goods taste better in Christmas shapes. These are our traditional brownies cut into triangles and frosted into trees. We have tried to explain to Kennedy that a geometric shape doesn’t change the ingredients but she is convinced they taste better, so we appease her. Mint pairs so perfectly with chocolate brownies that if you are going to frost green trees…they must be mint! Try these brownies and you be the judge. Do tree shapes taste better than squares?

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie



or those of you who have ever made a Nestle toll House pie, you know that there are few things in life better than a warm slice. The gooey center is the adult version of eating cookie dough straight from the bowl. One day while making peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, I decided this world needed a peanut butter version of this pie. I scoured the internet for a recipe to no avail. I began experimenting and making test pies. Although the journey to the final product was delicious this version was the clear winner. The only thing that can make this pie better is to serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top…enjoy!

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No-bake Cherry Cheese Pie

cherry pie picture


he countdown to Thanksgiving has begun and there is little time left for pie baking. I am sharing our quickest pie in the recipe box. This pie is so delicious that your friends and family will never know what little effort went into its preparation.  It is beautiful on the table and a sure crowd-pleaser. Most no-bake cheesecakes involve cool whip…well those are two four-letter words that are not allowed in my kitchen. This cherry cheese pie combines cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk for a silky smooth texture. I like to add vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla extract to this recipe. The vanilla bean seeds give an elegant look to the pie filling…people will think this dessert is not as simple as it truthfully is!

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Lemon Sour Cream Pie



emon Sour Cream Pie is my mom’s all-time favorite pie. When I was little she would take me on lunch dates to a local restaurant that served a similar, but layered pie. One Thanksgiving I wanted to surprise her and worked to replicate this pie as closely as I could. Now, I am of course biased but I think this version is better than the original. It isn’t layered like the one I had as a child…rather the sour cream is incorporated throughout the lemon. This pie is not too sweet, not too sour and creates the perfect compromise for everyone who loves lemon pie but hates the mounds of cooked egg whites on lemon meringue. This filling is so versatile that my daughter, Maddie has started making mini tarts with it. So, from our lemon lovin family to yours…ENJOY!!!

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Best Ever Key Lime Pie

ey lime pie is certainly a favorite at our  house. Today, as Grayson was downing his second piece of pie he asked, “mom, if this is lime pie…why isn’t it green”?  Why indeed. Grayson is a wealth of useless knowledge so I felt it my duty as his mother to add to this boys encyclopedia mind of rainy day facts…

Key limes were named after the Florida keys where they abundantly grow. But, unlike Persian limes, key limes are smaller, yellow and much more aromatic. They have a thinner yellow skin that makes them more perishable and harder to find in grocery stores year round (for this reason I often use Nellie & Joe’s bottled key lime juice). Key limes are more acidic. This acid is what created the chemical reaction in early key lime pies. In the early twentieth century sponge fishermen in Florida would live on boats for long periods of time. They often had limes, eggs, and canned milk. They learned that the acid in the limes would create a chemical reaction in the protein structure of the milk and eggs causing it to thicken without being cooked. Since they didn’t have a heat source to cook the mixture this was a very popular dessert.

Now, many people still use eggs yolks to thicken key lime pie. I however, don’t particularly feel comfortable feeding my family raw eggs so have come up with a recipe that thickens with very little cook time and has better flavor than its egg containing counterparts. I do zest regular green store bought Persian limes when I can’t find key limes in the store and you really can’t tell the difference.

We hope you enjoy this recipe and the useless knowledge of key limes that accompanies it!

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