Nutella Buttercream


his is truly the perfect Nutella buttercream…and the easiest recipe you will ever make! It is so simple, you might just make it to eat by the spoonful. We created this buttercream for our brownies, but it has ended up topping just about every dessert to come out of our kitchen at one time or another. After all, what doesn’t Nutella make better?


1 lb. room temperature butter

1lb. Nutella

1lb. Confectioners sugar

1 T. Vanilla extract


  1. Cream the butter until light and fluffy. This is the most important step. Whip on high for several minutes until the butter appears to have doubled in size. (the temperature of the butter is very important. This cannot be melted butter it must be soft room temperature butter).
  2. Next, whip in the Nutella.  Whip on high for several minutes until the Nutella butter combination is just as light and fluffy as the butter was without it. This may take several minutes.
  3. Last, incorporate the confectioners’ sugar and vanilla extract. Beat this buttercream on high for several minutes. It will get almost as light and fluffy as it was without the confectioners’ sugar added.


  • This buttercream is equal parts butter, Nutella and confectioners sugar. We made it this way because Nutella jars come in so many shapes and sizes. I often like to make my buttercream batch equivalent to the size of Nutella jar I have in my pantry. Let’s be honest, any extra won’t go to waste…

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