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Pumpkin Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese frosting



s soon as there is a chill in the air our kitchen is filled with the earthy aroma of pumpkin. From breads, muffins, cupcakes, pies, and cookies pumpkin makes everything feel and taste like fall is here. One thanksgiving I wondered…could I swap the sour cream from my sugar cookie recipe with pumpkin puree? The result was amazing. The pumpkin kept the cookies soft and moist, while the pumpkin paired with spices gave the cookie a depth of flavor not found in a regular sugar cookie. We paired this cookie with cream cheese frosting rather than a traditional buttercream, as we find the tangy flavor of the cream cheese perfectly pairs with the spice notes found in the cookie. In our family this cookie has become as much a Thanksgiving tradition as pumpkin pie.

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Soft Sour Cream Sugar Cookies


y cousin once told me that my grandmother never gave out her actual recipes. She would alter them just a bit or leave something out, to ensure that she still made the very best of whatever the recipe was. I am not going to lie, I found this hilarious. Hilarious, until I was accused of the same thing. I have been asked for this sugar cookie recipe so many times I have truly lost count, but what I do remember is the number of people who have told me their sugar cookies did not taste like mine, so I must have given them the wrong recipe. This, my friends, is simply not the case. Although I have inherited almost every other trait from my grandmother, I do not give out false recipes. The truth is, there are many recipes that the technique is as important as the ingredients…and this is one of those recipes. So, indulge me and read the detailed instructions on this recipe, so that your cookies turn out amazing and perfect every time.

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