Wedding Cream Cheese Buttermints

WEDDING MINTSEarlier this month we wrote a blog post about cream cheese buttermints. As February was just around the corner, we had Valentine’s Day fever and a surplus of sanding sugar at our house. Needing to utilize the crazy amounts of sugars and sprinkles I had purchased in red and pink we decided to turn the buttermints into Valentine’s Day confections. I have a small addiction for sprinkles if it sparkles and shines I buy and think about the practical use later.  In our original blog post, I mentioned making these mints for my wedding over twenty years ago.  I have since had many people message us asking for ideas on how to make these mints for their own weddings. This weekend I had extra cream cheese in the fridge and a sweet tooth to satisfy so the girls and I decided to make a batch of mints in wedding colors to show how elegant these mints can look displayed at a wedding. The girls were so happy with the results that Maddie made me promise to make them again when she gets married. As much as I love making these mints lets hope I have many years before that happens 😉

Ingredients:cream cheese mint ingredients

8 oz cream cheese softened

4 Tbsp salted butter softened

2 tsp mint extract

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 lb bag confectioners sugar

food coloring (optional)

sanding sugar

nonpareils (optional)


  1. Beat cream cheese and butter until there are no remaining lumps.
  2. Add extracts and beat until completely incorporated.
  3. Thoroughly mix in a bag 2lb bag of confectioners sugar.
  4. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.
  5. Roll dough into a small ball.
  6. Coat dough ball in sanding sugar or nonpareils and press in a silicone or plastic mold.  If you do not have a mold you can flatten the dough ball with the lines of a fork.
  7. Place mints on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and allow to air dry 1-2 hours.
  8. Cover and store in the refrigerator or freezer.


  • you can flavor with any extracts or flavor combinations you like.
  • If you do not like the texture sanding sugar on the mints you can lightly dust with confectioners sugar. Sanding sugar does make the release from a silicone mold a little easier.



  1. Paula says:

    Hi there!
    How far in advance could I make these? My daughter is getting married in March of 2021. Could I start making them in April and freeze them?


    • Hi Paula,
      Congratulations on your daughters wedding. I have made these mints six months in advance and they taste just as fresh as the day they were made. The real trick will be eliminating moisture that could damage your sprinkles. I would double bag the mints in zip lock bags to freeze. When removing from the freezer, to avoid condensation, let them come to room temperature before removing them from the bag. Best of luck to you both!


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