Candy Corn Macarons

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We really get into Halloween at our house. While most people give out candy, we don’t stop there. We set up hot chocolate, soups, and of course plenty of baked goods in our driveway. Baking enough for the neighborhood is quite an undertaking, so I asked the girls to start baking and freezing early to ensure we wouldn’t run out Halloween night.

A couple nights ago I came home late from work. I opened my front door and instantly the most amazing smell came out. This is a smell I knew well…this was the smell of french macarons baking in my kitchen. For those of you who know me, you know my favorite treat of all time is french macarons. I go to Disneyland, not for the rides, but to do a tour of the parks french macaron locations.

I entered the kitchen where Maddie and Kennedy were busy at work. Maddie was weighing ingredients and Kennedy was piping the perfect little cookies. I went to grab an apron and asked Kennedy if she wanted me to pipe the circles. She instantly responded, “nope mom, I’ve got it”. My first instinct was to be offended that they didn’t want my help. This is the cookie I introduced them to…these little gems are my thing! Then as quickly as the thought came, I was overwhelmed with pride. My 17-year-old is making Italian meringue and using an infrared thermometer to check she has accurately reached soft ball stage, and my 15-year-old is piping perfect circles. I was no longer offended…I was as proud as I could possibly be. The cookie that most adults fear and shy away from, my girls make like rock stars!!!

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The thought then came to me. I would give them no help at all, but rather wait, see what they create and blog about it. What better way to calm people’s fears about making macarons, than to see that the recipe we have been working on the last couple of years is so foolproof that my girls can make it flawlessly without help.

The finished product was so adorable that I actually hated to eat a few…I did of course…but I felt bad digesting such perfection. So, I am sharing this recipe and some photos I took to brag a little as a proud momma, but mostly to let everyone who has ever wanted to make french macaron see that they should not be intimidated. These are just as fun and amazing to bake as they are to eat. And once you learn to bake them yourself you can afford to eat them by the dozen. Because let’s be honest these little cookies are seriously overpriced at the bakery!!!

Ingredients:Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

120g egg whites, divided

185g sugar, divided

2g sea salt

150g almond flour

150g confectioners sugar

50g water

4g vanilla extract



  1. In food processor prepare dry ingredients. Mix almond flour, confectioners sugar salt.
  2. In mixer, beat on high 60g egg whites to soft peaks.
  3. Add 35g sugar to egg whites mix on high.
  4. In saucepan over medium-high heat bring water and 150g sugar to a boil until it reaches 230 F.
  5. Slowly drizzle down the side of the egg whites mixer bowl. Beat on high until the mixture is cooled.
  6. Mix 60g egg whites and the dry ingredients mixture.
  7. Add 4g vanilla extract or other flavorings.
  8. Fold mixture into the cooled meringue.
  9. Fill a large pastry bag fitted with Wilton 1A tip or equivalent.
  10. Pipe macarons onto a parchment-lined baking sheet.
  11. Pound baking sheet on counter to release air, repeat about 5 times.
  12. Let macarons sit on the baking sheet for 30 minutes or until a skin forms.
  13. Bake at 315 for 15-20 minutes rotating halfway through
  14. let sit until the cookies cool and release from parchment.
  15. Fill with buttercream, ganache, or fruit filling.
  16. Let sit 24 hours before serving.



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